Bookmark Swap!

Sorry for disappearing over the last couple of weeks. I had an unexpected business trip to Texas, and when I wasn't on the road I was in little hotels where the internet connections were precarious at best. Now I'm home, though, and to be honest I might still be a little hard to find on the internet because my younger brother is home from a two-year LDS mission in Santiago Chile! It's been fun having him around the house, though he keeps slipping into Spanish. Heehee.

In other news, I'm in a bookmark swap over at the 52 books in 52 Weeks group at Ravelry (a challenge I'm getting further and further behind in, by the way) and Anita (knittinggardener) sent me this lovely book strap that she hand loomed on her inch loom! Looming fascinates me, so I was very excited to get something so unique—plus I've been wanting a book strap for a while now! Regular bookmarks have a tendency to fall out—or maybe that's just in my cluttered purse?

I LOVE the knitting card, too, and she sent me a fat quarter, because she knows I'm from a quilting family, that was so sweet of her, and I love the fabric, too! Very fun. I'm a big fan of the polka dots!

Here's a closer look at the handmade glass beads on the tassle of the bookmark:

Lovely! I'm a big fan of beads, too, and these are so colorful and fun, and really the first homemade ones to come into my posession, so I love them. I hope my spoilee enjoys her package half as much. Thank you Anita! This was a great swap! :)

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