Wednesday Wants!

I've been clicking "Refresh" a lot these past few days. I just can't help it the first days after I've listed something. But that doesn't mean that I've been keeping to my own shop all of this time. These are some of the things I've been falling in love with lately:

Gorgeous, are they not? This is the listing for one of immortallonging's Shakespeare Journals. (This one is Ophelia) It would do you good to read her profile page, because this woman comes with some very impressive accolades - her work is featured in some of the most prestigious theaters in the world, and these journals are available right at the Shakespeare's Globe shop - or here on Etsy! Her artwork is just beautiful, and really does give you the feel of the plays and characters she's portraying. Lovely stuff.

Next I have something that just makes my fingers itch to hold it:

This is GreenwoodFiberworks' Calypso Handpainted Merino Wool Roving. Look at all of those colors! This name definitely reflects the feel of the color palette. I love every single color here, they're so rich and warm! I think I would almost have trouble spinning this... I'd just want to admire it in the braid! ;)

And lastly... a true little indulgence.

Five Travel-Sized Scrubs
from SpaGoddess. These just look decadent, don't they? There are eight kinds available that you can pick and choose to suit your own tastes, and besides being gorgeously packaged and such pretty colors, they have fantastic titles, too! And of course she's got a whole line of other products to compliment.

So yes, that's what's catching my eye this week on Etsy. Until next week's wishes!

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April 15, 2009 at 10:29 AM

thanks so much for featuring my travel size scrubs!! they're pretty fun--a scent for every mood;)