Bliss is right!

Meet my latest Etsy impulse buy:

My friend Bridget over at The Hooker Next Door made me aware of this little deal - a little sampler tin candle over at PŪRBLISS on Etsy. Nutty Caramel Bliss. I couldn't help myself, I snapped it up.

And then it came in the mail today and I'm so glad I did. Oh my goodness. I could smell the caramel yumminess through the envelope! And it was a heavy-duty envelope, too, not some sissy thing. Usually I save my candles in an unburned revered kind of way for a little while after I buy them because I'm just odd like that, but I lit this one almost as soon as it was dark for me to have a reason to. And again, I'm glad I did! This smell is heavenly. I feel like I'm cheating on a diet or something. Fantastic buy. Plus the candle looks great - which is always a bonus!

I hope I get a chance to try some of PŪRBLISS' other scents because quite a few of them look amazing. Lime Drop! Banana Bread! Plumeria! Sweet Melon!


And they're all Soy—that fantastic plant of my forefathers (okay, maybe only half of them). I highly recommend checking them out!


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May 31, 2009 at 7:21 PM

Yay!! I'm so glad you love it! I hope they offer up more scents to try :)