Wednesday Wants!

I can't help myself—this one's all fiber, folks! If I had the time I'd expand, do Wednesday Wants and Fiber Fridays... but sadly there's no way I could manage that, so you'll just have to suffer through it. :-P


This is the lovely Age of Wisdom Luxury Lace by theyarnside. These colors remind me of a cool autumn evening with falling leaves. And with a mix of baby alpaca, silk and cashmere, it'd be sure to keep you cozy, too. Think of the shawl you could make with this! I don't think I could resist doing some lacy, leafy pattern. Mmmm.

Next we have a bit of grunge! But grunge at its very prettiest.

This fantastic colorway is called Swamp Fairy, very appropriately. It is by the isajulfiber, who has really gorgeous things. I just love the playfulness of all these colors, mixed in with the bold black and white bits. I can just imagine the awesome funky yarn this would spin up into! I love it.

And then... sigh. Mulberry Silk Top in Evergreen, by chimera.

I admit, I have a thing for shiny. There's a reason why the first spinning fiber I bought was a smidge of soysilk at a ridiculous price. It was shiny. And soooo soft. Just look at all of these lovely, shiny greens! I've never spun silk before (haven't even touched my soysilk yet - I'm a bit afraid of it!) but it's supposed to spin like a dream. Maybe if I had the generous 4.6 ounces here, I wouldn't be as worried about messing a bit of it up. ;)

My last pick is... well really just a doozy.

Take a closer look at this picture. Don't just let your eyes glance over it, because you're bound to miss something if you do, and the listing really is for all of it. It's pumpkinhaus' One Gallon Top Whorl Spindle and Fiber Kit in Superman Ice Cream. So there's a spindle, 2.7 ounces of very Superman-y colored merino, a project bag, plus scraps, buttons and some pre-spun yarn to play with as you will! Pumpkinhaus is quite the spinner herself. I haven't really tried any artsy spins as of yet, but the idea does really intrigue me. Definitely an awesome kit for someone out there!

So there you are. That wasn't so bad, was it? ;)

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June 24, 2009 at 5:26 PM

Makes me wish I had time to knit! Thanks for sharing such lovely treats!