YARTSY Wednesday Wants!

The Yart Sale starts today on Etsy! Starts today and goes through the fourteenth. My shop is offering free shipping to US & Canada, plus reduced flat-rate shipping everywhere else!

In celebration of this awesome event, all of my picks for Wednesday Wants this week are YART deals!

First up I have one of ToilandTrouble's No Fuss Cowls:

I love this item. I've lately fallen in love with cowls in general, because they're a nice flashy accessory, but they don't hang down and get in your way the way scarfs might, and they're perfect for just-chilly-enough weather! The color in this one is just perfect to add a bit of zing to any outfit! She's got a whole section for the Yart Sale, and is offering a %15 refund of any of those purchases! Awesome? Methinks.

Second up is a shop I've been keeping my eye on a bit:

These gorgeous little Butterfly Booklets are from Shoebox21. She has a variety of beautiful items featuring fantastic handdrawn art. The whole shop is whimsical and pretty and fun. She too has a whole Yart Sale section with discounted wares, and she's offering free shipping on purchases over $15!

Lastly (but never leastly!) is the fantastic Ocean Flower Slouch Hat from the HookerNextDoor:

I love, love, love this hat. It's got such a great design that I'm sure it's eye-catching near or far. And this color is so great! This is flawless crochet, and I love, love love it! This and a few other fantastic things are up for free shipping for the Yart Sale!

Lots of other Yart Stuff can be found using the "Yart" tag, too! Or, look for "yartfreeship," for great shipping deals! And have fun Yarting! :)

Comments (2)


June 10, 2009 at 5:55 PM

lovin the green!


June 11, 2009 at 4:16 AM

Love those butterflies!