Introducing! My new Spindle. <3

The minute I saw this spindle, I went nutty over it. It's from Dragoncraft, and it's called Cinderella's Spindle—can you see why I had to have it? The pictures on the listing are much better, but basically it's a laceweight spindle with a clear resin whorl that has sparkly glitter all throughout it. It's kind of love!

I hadn't had it for more than an hour (probably much less, I don't quite remember now) before I was spinning up the yummy bit of fiber that the seller sent along with it, and after plying, this is what I ended up with:

Yummy, delicious little bit of yarn, probably my favorite that I've spun so far. Squishy and soft and lovely!

Some of the other stuff I've been up to, too... I spun these bluey-white-y singles ages ago.... but took my good own time plying it. Now that it's done, I couldn't love it more. It has blues and whites and purples and is very thick/thin... and really not long enough to do a thing with, but I don't care! I love it.

I think I've decided to call it "Glacier" or something along those lines. Definitely reminds me of a glacial field!

Now that I have a spindle at my disposal again (the one I learned on is still in California - don't ask me how, I don't want to talk about it. haha) I can't help but want to spin up everything in sight, and so I've grabbed at this Jela's Fiber that was sent to me a while ago...

I actually won this fiber from the PhatFiber blog! It's called Carnival Clouds, and is super white Superwash Merino with multicolored Angelina scattered all through it. My original plan was to spin it up as thin as possible and then ply it with something else, but the quarter of it I've done on the new spindle is so pretty I think I might (gasp!) leave it as a single.... and hope and pray that I've come far enough in spinning that it'll hold together. hahaha

It's really hard to show in a picture how pretty and soft this little skeinlet is. Only a quarter of the fiber, and it's spun up to 127+ yards of something between laceweight and light fingering. The Angelina just flickers all through it in red and blue and silver and purple and green and I love it! When I'm done with the rest of the fiber, I should have enough to knit maybe a small shawl with, and I am all kinds of delighted with that!

So that's where my spinning is right now. Ah, I love too many crafts.

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November 21, 2009 at 4:40 PM

They all look so lovely! Congrats on winning that fiber, looks yummy! :)