Adventures in Scrumbling! And other madness.

No Wednesday Wants this week. *sigh* I even have some picks, but I really am just super busy and don't have time to post them.

What I will show you, is my first attempt at freeform crochet!

This was definitely an experiment all the way around. I learned some new crochet stitches for it, including the basic Tunisian knit stitch, which you can see in the upper left corner. Really I just wanted to see what I could get with some scraps I had, and fairly often I had to switch to something new when my scrap ran out!

In other news, calling all Harry Potter fans!

There's a new group on Ravelry called the HP Knitting/Crochet House Cup. Looks to be a TON of fun! Basically it's a big ole' competition, but you get to be sorted into houses and work together as a team, which sounds like a blast! Let 'em know CinderLisa sent you, maybe we could work together! You do have to be a member of Ravelry to play, though.

Now why am I in such a rush you ask? (Because I'm typing this all up as quickly as can be, though I guess reading you won't be able to tell, will you?!) Well, it's Comic Con this week. I'll be working at the Lego booth some of the days, so if you happen to be there, come on by! Otherwise I'll be fangirling around with my posse (heh, my brother and sister, more like) and having a ton of fun. Twilight! Harry Potter! And what I really want to get, a Common Cold:

I got a Bookworm and a Mad Cow Disease (he's cuter in person) last year, but this little guy was sold out, and I've always wanted him, so this year is it! I can't wait!

Gotta run now, though. Tomorrow the madness begins, and I've got stuff to do to get ready!

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