Wednesday Wants!

Okay, I'm a teensy bit post-midnight in posting this, but oh well.

Also I have some other cool news to share, also somewhat in relation to this topic, but that will wait for a bit.

Like many people, I've been drinking in Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn this week. Though unlike many, I'm still reading! Things have been busy. But I thought I'd bring you a Twilight-filled version of Wednesday Wants. It was bound to happen eventually. Here's a little jumble of some of the fantastic fandom crafts you can find on Etsy, all about our favorite girl-meets-vampire story.

First and foremost: your very own Edward Cullen! deadcraft's fantastic Edward Cullen Crochet Doll is so cute you'd let him bite you, wouldn't you? I bet he doesn't leave quite such a sting as the original, either. ;)

Look at that fantastic hair-shaping though! And the cravat (is that a cravat?). I love it.

The Twilight books themselves have also been well portrayed in the miniature genre. sophiesbeads' Custom Book Series Stitch Marker Set is a GREAT example of this:

(Though, to be honest, I kinda want her Harry Potter set more. And by kinda, I mean a LOT.)

Or, if you just want the miniature book itself (and okay, I don't have a miniature house, but if I did, all the miniature tenants would be Twilighters!) check out miniaturebookshelf24's Dollhouse Miniature Books Twilight Series Set:

But all that vampire stuff is good and well, what about the OTHER supernatural influence in the series? Personally, I'm a wolf girl myself. Cold and stony I could do without. But warm and solid? Yes, please!

So to represent on the pack side, I bring you the lovely, lovely wolf-inspired Unicorn yarn by Setembrina.

I love all the hues in this luscious yarn, and there's definitely something very earthy and vibrant about it, which is so much how the wolf boys always seem to me. I think this blend of colors represents them perfectly, and it kinda makes you want to knit socks for a wolf, doesn't it? Or maybe just for yourself, as you wouldn't want him to shred them to pieces while phasing.

So that's Wednesday Wants for this week! These have been a crazy couple of weeks (months, years?), but I'm back on track now, I think. As I said, news to share very soonly, I just need a link or two confirmed. Keep watch!

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September 10, 2008 at 10:10 AM

The crocheted doll is really so cute!!!


September 10, 2008 at 9:43 PM

Hi ixela, thanks for stopping by! :)