Wednesday Wants!

It was impossible to narrow myself to three today. Impossible. But I don't think I'll really get complaints about that, will I? ;)

Have you ever noticed on Etsy, that along with the showcase and the little self-refreshing Recently Listed Items, right at the very top under the headings, there's another random listing of four items
that also refreshes from time to time?

That's where I found shagpile's Alisandra.

This is a "Ladybug" Handbag, which is enough to catch my attention, and look at how pretty and soft-to-the-touch that fabric looks! I'm a tactilaholic—if it feels nice, or apparently even looks like it feels nice, then I'm a fan. The pretty blues and greens and swirly flowery patterns are lovely, and call me silly, but I think those two little, plain ole' purple buttons lined up just make this. She looks like she could hold anything you need and do it sturdily, too, which of course is always a plus. :)

And, because it's a constant temptation, some yarny goodness!

This is temptedyarn's Rusted Blonde Bad Grrl. Look at those rich colors, hm? I'm a sucker for bold colors, and these reds and oranges do the trick. I've got to say, I'm not a sock knitter as of yet. I'm a California girl, I just don't wear socks—I live in flip flops (and occasionally heels). So the idea of knitting something I'm not even going to wear is not so appealing to me.

But sock YARN. Now that's a different story. Sock yarn I fall in love with left and right. And who ever said you had to knit socks with sock yarn? There's always shawls, gauntlets, fingerless gloves... you know, something.

This next I found with Etsy's lovely Pounce mechanism, which shows you shops that either haven't sold yet, or have just made a sale (Etsy is SO cool. I can't stress this enough. It's almost as cool as Ravelry), and that's where I found this lovely little number:

This is appletreejewelry's Flashy Baby Blues necklace, which I think is just lovely. (I know, I know, I use that word a lot!) There's a lot of beauty in the simplicity of this piece, and the tiny, multi-hued stones all through the chain are what make this a definite keeper. For me, the simpler the better with jewelry, and this has a natural look to it that I would love to flash around myself, in fact.

And to end this week, something so tiny and sweet that I couldn't help falling for it. Meet sparklerama's Micro Mini Tiny Birdie:

So, thanks to an obscure reference to an even more obscure, off-the-wall YA book series that I love, I have a serious thing for cardinals. It doesn't make much sense to anyone but me, and it would take a long time to explain, so I won't bother. Besides, who cares? This little guy is the epitome of cute all on his own. I may also have a thing for almost anything miniature in nature—I'm half Japanese, it's in my blood to admire small, physically perfect things if that makes sense. And I'm a quilter, so anything hand-sewn of this kind of size? *whistles low* I'm impressed.

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