Stash Enhancement!

No, not that stash. My problem really is that I have so many kinds of stashes. This weekend we had a quilt run down in our area (I'm not sure which one, because there are three or four in quick succession of one another) and I really, really was not going to buy any fabric.

Psh. Right. I saw this pair of peach and green fabrics and considering they were half off, I couldn't quite stop myself.

Score, though, I got a free pattern for making a purchase! =) This more than anything has me tempted to try my hand at hand-bound journals, a la the fantastic kreativlink on Etsy. Her stuff is awe-inspiring and completely temptation-worthy of a journal lover like myself.

Here's a random shot of some detail on the green. Aren't the colors simply lovely? I think if either the white or the darker green/peach detail was missing, I could have passed this up in a heartbeat, but with all these layers of color, I just couldn't resist.

Now onto the slightly less straightforward part. Actually making the darn things! Thanks to some amazing videos on youtube, though, I'm entirely confident that I can do either of the two common bookbinding stitches. Man, I love the information age!

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