Whew - Kharma doesn't usually work that quick! Also, a story.

You see the amazing yarn in my post below? That beautiful silk-shiny cascade of bamboo? Beth of WhorlingTides has offered to SPIN me some!

I have to admit I'm kind of beside myself! Pretty. Green. Handspun. Bamboo. Yarn. Probably any one of these qualifiers could bowl me over, but all of them wrapped up in one? I don't even know what to do with myself!

In other yarny happenings, I found something today that was both good and bad for me. This is kind of a long story, so sit tight, hm?

So, I went to school at UC Santa Barbara, and really the whole pretty half of my yarn collection (more like a quarter, if that, considering I had no money really) comes from an LYS up there (BB's Knits, now closed) and a very nice Craft shop (like a Michael's but locally-owned) that carried some surprisingly nice yarns. Because down here I really don't have an LYS available to me, at least not one that I've had the pleasure of visiting yet.

At the craft shop, and really the name of the shop was so generic that I don't even remember it, I bought eight pink skeins of Crystal Palace Bunny Hop, a nylon/angora blend that I was intending for the infamous Clapotis. But like so many, the idea of dropping stitches on purpose scared me a little, so I kept putting the project off, and putting it off and putting it off.

And then, back in October of last year, my family was in serious danger of being evacuated for the Southern California Witch Creek fire. I know several people who lost their homes and belongings in that fire, and afterwards we found out that the fire did indeed come within some five blocks of our home. But I knew that if we were going to be evacuated, I would need something to keep me good and busy, both to keep my nerves in order and to escape boredom, so I grabbed the Clapotis pattern, and three skeins of the Bunny Hop and put them in a bag with some needles as a ready-made project. I didn't want to bring all the skeins with me because... well let's say I was hoping that they'd be waiting for me at home.

Thankfully, we didn't end up having to evacuate at all. We'd gotten everything prepared, but were very blessed to be able to stay in our home and for a little while I forgot all about the Clapotis again. And then, in April I found the bag with my ready-made kit in it, and decided I was finally ready to take the project on, so I cast on, and things were going pretty well

See that pretty marbling? I even started dropping stitches:

But... then I ran out of the three skeins. And I couldn't find the other five! And for those of you who've knit a clapotis... it's not just a rumor that it's an addictive knit. You really want to get to that next point where you can drop stitches, it's very tempting... so to run out of yarn? It's kind of a tragedy. I looked all over for the yarn, too, but couldn't find it anywhere! My stash had, seemngly, swallowed it whole!

After a while, I have to admit that I was starting to wonder if I'd really only bought the three skeins in the first place, and was just imagining the other five.

But today I found a little tiny something that gives me reason to hope. Nothing very concrete, I'll admit. Not a receipt or an extra ball band or anything, even. Nothing that has anything to do with the Bunny Hop at all. But I found a tiny little piece of pink yarn that had been used to hold together a skein of some mystery wool/silk blend I'd bought around the same time, and I haven't seen that skein of yarn in just about as long as the missing Bunny Hop, so I'm thinking, hoping that they must be together. Somewhere.

The question now, of course, is where.

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Rita Booke

July 3, 2008 at 6:55 PM

Just a thought...if you post something on Ravelry...you may find that somebody has some they want to destash in exactly the same dye lot number!! (Thanks for the nice note...your yarn IS ready to go in the mail on the 5th). Take care. Beth


July 4, 2008 at 2:08 PM

Yes, I've checked Ravelry, but nobody seems to want to part with their Bunny Hop... and I can't blame them!

YAY, thank you! :)