Can I just say?

I have some catching up to do, especially concerning the marvelous stash enhancement my recent trip to Seattle garnered, but I'm falling asleep here and too lazy to get the memory card out of my camera, so I'll put that off for the moment, and just mention this:

I really want to make a second Sunday Market Shawl. I mean, desperately. In particular using some of the sock yarn from the aforementioned trip. I'm this close to casting on for it, even though I have a total of THREE gifts on the needles at the moment, two of which need to be finished A.S.A.P.

But man, I've been looking through the projects pages on Ravelry, and I really love this pattern beyond description. I might get kicked out of knitting for saying this, but I think I like it better than the Clap, honestly. The latter is more substantial, but can be a hit-or-miss on whether it ends up looking squidgy. The Sunday Market Shawl, though, looks stunning pretty much however the cards fall. The Clapotis may be addictive to knit, but this is addictive to look at, so I'll go for the latter, yes?

I love my first one, btw, which follows the pattern with the yarn recommendation and everything. Oooh, another reason for trying this pattern out—best bang for your buck. It doesn't take much yarn at all, and blocks out HUGE, by standard. ;)

I will be back with that update soon. Hope you all are doing well!


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