Twilight End Swap!

Well, my Twilight swap package took some time to get here, despite the best efforts of karenbennett, my lovely spoiler. She sent it to me via USPS, and then lo and behold, somehow they sent it BACK to her! So she was very kind to send it to me through UPS, and I got it today! And it was well worth the wait. =)

First, there was a sweet little card, which was definitely the "good kind of corny," like Karen was hoping--the inside read "If this brings a little smile, it will have served its porpoise." Hee.

And then were some yummy little mints and gums. All fruity wonderfulness, which I love.

Forgive my sad looking carpet... sigh.

Then there was a wonderful Twilight playlist just for me--I LOVE mixed CD's, and this one should be extra fun, because there's a "hidden meaning" to each of the songs, that I'm supposed to try and figure out. I can't wait to listen to it!

Though I think I can guess the one behind the first without listening to it. Hee. Here's the playlist... any guesses?

She also sent me a lovely cowl!

I've never had a real cowl before. I've made a scarflette or two that button together, but a cowl, never. And it's just perfect for California, just-cold-enough-to-need-something-to-keep-you-cozy kind of weather. I can't help but notice that it's also in nice warm, wolfy-ish colors. =)

And this last is proof that Karen definitely took a closer look at me and my interests:

This is just about the most fantastic calendar I've ever seen in my life. I'm a writer, and besides that, a BIG Literature and English geek, and learning about linguistics and entemology and all those wonderful things is just love to me. And this is about vanishing vocabulary! Something that I care about more than Karen could possibly have known.
I'll probably use the info from this calendar to supplement those don't-have-a-clue-what-to-write-about days in my new writer's blog, so it'll be awfully helpful, as well! I'm not going to touch it until January 1st, because I have odd obsessive-compulsive tendencies when it comes to looking ahead at things, but I'm very excited to get there!
This swap was through the Twilight Saga Fans over at Ravelry, a simply fantastic bunch of people, and one of the very first groups I've joined on Ravelry. It was called The End swap, and aimed to comfort us after the last book in the Twilight series (maybe ever, who knows about Midnight Sun now?) was published and done with, and this was such a fun swap! I'd been in one swap before that was okay, but ended up not very well in the long run. This one... every package I've seen has been fantastic, and again, Karen spoiled me in such a personalized way, that I can't help but be delighted with my own package!
THANK YOU so much, karenbennett! This has brightened up a slightly greying day exceedingly. =)

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