Wednesday Wants!

I am all about the fiber this week. First and foremost - LEAH CLEARWATER.

This beyond-gorgeous yarn by Tricoterie is her Leah Clearwater Merino Tencel Sock Yarn. I know I may not be in the majority market here, but by the end of Breaking Dawn Leah was one of my absolute favorite characters in the Twilight series (beat out only by Jacob Black - and okay, probably tying with Alice and Jasper), so to find Leah yarn just about rocks my world. These colors are just perfect, too. Out of a lineup, I could have picked this yarn for Leah easily. It's gorgeous and lush, but definitely has a stormy dramatic feel to it. I love it.

Next up is the Mother Earth Merino Roving from copperpot. Actually I could have picked almost any of her rovings, since I've spent an inordinate amount of time staring at them after finding her the other day, but this one is calling to me at the moment.

Now that spinning has really caught my fancy, I can't help going and looking longingly at the many many Etsy roving dyers, and this sherbety blend just looks delicious, doesn't it? Can't fault Merino, now can we?

And speaking of great dye jobs...

This is Emerald Isle superwash yarn from kangaroodyer. Is that beautiful or what? It gives me an itch to watch The Wizard of Oz, actually. (That yellow's a little brick-road-y, isn't it?) For not being a sock knitter, I sure fall for sock-weight yarn rather easily. The colors in this is just gorgeous, gorgeous. I love the whole range.

Now I need a new project. I just finished a fairly large one that's a gift for a friend (still a surprise, so I won't say what just yet) and I'm kind of feeling those post cast-off blues. That accomplished feeling did not last as long as I was expecting. Sigh.

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February 26, 2009 at 4:48 AM

Thanks for highlighting my yarn, I appreciate it.