Why hello, there!

Finally back home. I have actually, in point of fact, been back a couple of days, but with the move going on, it's been a bit difficult to get to the blog and update! I've got quite a bit to tell you, though!

Firstly, I got home to a really lovely surprise:

I featured copperpot in Wednesday Wants a couple of months ago, and she asked if she could sent me a bit of roving... things happened in between times that have made both her and my life hectic, to say the least—though with more profound impact on her life, definitely.

I had all but forgotten about this, due to the move, and the daily struggle to let go of some of my material possessions, but this was such a delight to come home to after two long weeks on the road, and it's helping me to let go of some of my own things and let them go out into the universe, hopefully making it to where they're needed.

But back to the roving:

Here's a lovely 5.5 ounces of a colorway called Remington - I was really just expecting a little bit of fluff to play with! This is extremely generous, and prettier than I can make the photo look. The colors are richer, with a bit of a purplish tint to the red - according to copperpot's profile, she includes a bit of purple in everything she does! I love that she has a trademark! I can't wait to spin this stuff up. Means I have to loosen up one of my spindles, first, though!

Something else I was finally able to do yesterday, was list this lovely little journal:

I call it the Posie Journal, made with mixed blank paper in all different colors, and embroidered on the cover in a sweet little Posie design. When you open the cover there's a fourth little posie waiting to surprise you! I think this is my favorite of the journals I've listed so far - though I've felt that way about each new one that I list!

That's all for me tonight! Hoping to get Wednesday Wants up tomorrow. Until then!

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