Wednesday Wants!

One true thing: I will never get tired of browsing Etsy. Even when I'm on the road, even when I'm having a truly bad day (I'm not, just saying!) I can enjoy a quick browse through Etsy. Here are a couple of things that I've run across lately.

I think this is such a clever idea. These little gems are SudsnSuch's Soap-To-Go. This is particularly appealing to me after being on the road so much these past few months, because while I don't quite consider myself a germaphobe, I do like to have my soap, and I have stopped in one too many rest stops along the side of the highway that were lacking in that particular area. Sigh.

This next one is something I found thanks to the PhatFibre blog, which you all should be watching already. Coolclimates was featured over there and so I went over and feel in love with this skein of yarn:

This skein is called Iceberg, made up of mostly wool, but with a little bit of mohair and all in shades of blue and white, thick and thin, which I can't help but love! It's on sale right now, too! Tempting stuff...

My final pick for this week was difficult for me to choose - because I love pretty much all of pixelpluspaper's stuff. But right now, I am really, really in love with book plates. That's how I found her, actually. I recently found and used up a little package of book plates that were given to me by my grandmother a few years ago. I'd been putting it off, maybe because I was afraid of the commitment it implied? But now that I'm giving away so many of my books, I want the ones I'm keeping with me to be MINE.

These are the Shoe-Lover Book Plates, but really all of her book plates are to die for. There's a Chocolate Lover's in the same style as this. I love the tiny (almost) at the end. Might as well add some personality to your books, eh? I think so.

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