Wednesday Wants!

I know, a bit late (like really late!)... but I still wanted to get a post up this week. I'll keep it sort of short. Just oogling and fawning, you know. ;)

Firstly... sigh.

Isn't she pretty? It's not likely to happen anytime soon, but this Pods n Posies laptop case by janinekingdesigns is just to die for. And it would fit my baby, my 17" widescreen laptop. And somehow it looks a tad more professional than the Hello Kitty case I was previously looking for. (Not that I probably wouldn't still settle for Hello Kitty, if I could ever find one big enough, but that's another story.) All of Janine King's bags are gorgeous, her fabrics are impeccable, and of course all of that is reflected in her sales. She probably doesn't need this spotlight at all. But a want is a want. ;)

Secondly... hand dyed sock yarn. YUM.

This colorway is called Heirloom Tomatoes, which I love—I love fantastic colorway names. It's from lightbrownhare's shop, a fairly new seller on Etsy, but a perfect yarn dyer—I had a lot of trouble picking just one item from her shop that I wanted to spotlight, because all her colorways are really lovely and vibrant. In the end I picked this one because... well, maybe I shouldn't own to this, but I picked it because it reminded me of the Gryffindor Common Room in the Harry Potter films! hahaha And I've always wanted to be a Gryffindor, I admit.

My last find this week... well, "Heavenly" seems pretty apt.

These are haveitconfections' Heavenly Vanilla Marshmallows and Heavenly Vanilla Caramels. Again, it was hard picking something from her shop because everything looks so delicious. So I picked a mix of caramels and marshmallows! They really do look amazing. And, from the shop profile, you can see that this is a pretty awesome shop to patron! Not only do they support, a website supporting entrepreneurs in developing countries, but they're also super-green and use a portion of their sales to pay for trees to be planted! Very cool and very much what the handmade movement is and should be about! Not like you need an incentive like that, when they're goodies look as yummy as they do, but still. Awesome.

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Useful Books

July 2, 2009 at 5:54 AM

That laptop case is the bomb! You totally need it. :)