I've turned into one of THOSE girls.

Not that it's really much of a surprise. I've been a die-hard fangirl of various things (Roswell, Harry Potter, etc) since I was 14 or so. But I've finally taken the final step, and crafted something up purely for fannish reasons. I couldn't help myself today! I was reading, and I glanced over and saw these two yarns sitting together, one black and one a deep red. And I happen to be finishing off reading the Twilight series. And so, I snatched up both yarns in a frenzy, flipped through a crochet dictionary I have and found a stitch I thought looked interesting, then proceeded to fudge it so I could work it in two colors at once, the result being...

A neck ruffle! I probably could have gone on and turned it into a scarf, but something in it really wanted to just stay right close around my neck. There's a nice intimacy to it being there, and hey, maybe it could even protect against vampire bites, hm?

Okay, maybe not, but still. The kicker is that the colorway name of the black yarn is Edwardian. *sigh*

Something else I've been having fun with...

I love these sweet little flower brooches I've been working on. These two came to me in a kind of spur-of-the-moment idea. I have a little bag absolutely brim-full with DMC floss, of all hues and colors, and I was looking through it the other day, wondering what I could do with all those lovely shades, and before I even knew what I was up to I'd started working up one of these little flowers. I'm kind of in love with them, and there's so many possibilities! Both for making and for using, which I couldn't be happier with!

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