Wednesday Wants!

Once again, here's a couple of things that have been catching my eye on Etsy this week:

Firstly, let's look at yearofthegoat's Handknit Lace Up Over the Shoe Legwear. These things are just luscious. Talk about high-class couture.

If the lovely color or the gorgeous pattern of the knitting itself doesn't grab you, the lace-up ribbon definitely will. These leg-warmers (if you can even call them something as commonplace as that!) are a thing of beauty.

And I appear to be in a mood for wearables, because my next pick is The Oceanographer dress by elfland.

This is a dress after my own heart. Simple, elegant, and a lovely aqua blue, with just a touch of asymmetry on the hem, and some very pretty accent lines. And to beat all, you can wear it backwards, too! And it looks beautiful either way. Go check out the listing page to see the rest of the pictures it's been listed with.

And I thought I'd round out this week with a guilty pleasure. I forget sometimes that edibles are available on Etsy, but there really are some lovely ones!

This is worthafortune's Mallow Pop, and as lovely as it looks on the outside, the inside sounds even better. Marshmallows, caramel, and chocolate, who could want more? I'm a sucker for caramel, I've got to say, and this is more than tempting, hm?

ETA: If you do stop by worthafortune's shop, btw, do me a favor and let her know who sent you. :)

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July 11, 2008 at 1:58 PM

These Legwears are gorgeous! I imediatelly fell in love in them.You were lucky to find such a thing of beauty!


July 12, 2008 at 2:33 PM

Hey drenka, thanks for stopping by! :)