Wednesday Wants!

Yes, yes, I know, I've disappeared for some time. Had to recover after Breaking Dawn, you know? ;)

No, really... I've been out of town some, and been worked to death the rest of the time. My eyes are drooping at the moment, even though it's all of a quarter to ten, but I could not let another Wednesday pass without doing one of my favorite posts. So! Some things I've found around Etsy this week...

If you didn't know Fall was settling in, just take a look at this gorgeous Burning Sunset sock yarn by BlackTrillium.

Those reds, oranges and browns are just divine, and if you look at the listing there's some warm purples in there, too. And speaking of purple! (And yarn... what? Looking never hurt anybody...) here's knittindiva's Soulful colorway. Mmmm.

That right there, is begging to be a clapotis, or something of the like. (Or, you know... socks, I suppose.) Such. Pretty. Colors. And natural dyes, which is always a plus! Cochineal! Something I've loved since it was on my vocab list in the ninth grade.

And lastly, but not leastly (unless you're speaking in a strictly physical volume sense!) Meowstro's Handbound Miniature Book - Two Fish Talking.

You might have noticed that I have a bit of a weakness for miniatures? And maybe handbound books? Well, I've kinda got a thing for fishies, too. Goldfish in particular, and this is just the sweetest little thing. All three in one! Fantasmagorical. The bubbles are the perfect touch, I think. Especially in conjunction with the title. <3

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September 10, 2008 at 10:47 PM

Wow, thanks for the link! We're just getting started, so things can be a bit slow in the beginning.

I just wanted to let folks know, the Burning Sunset actually has a lot of very dark purple in it, but my photography skills leave something to be desired. I'm getting there.



September 11, 2008 at 10:54 AM

Ah, thanks for the tip, Mel!

And good luck on your shop, your yarns look fabulous!