Fandom + Crafts = Love

This has been a crazy week... somehow all my weeks seem to be crazy weeks. But it's been a fantastic one, too! All kinds of fandom/crafty goodness.

Over on my friend Majik's Fanfic forum, we just finished bidding on a fantastic Fanfic on Demand project, benefiting Support Stacie, a charity committed to raise awareness about cancer and the challenges faced by thousands of uninsured cancer patients. The idea was that, in exchange for a donation, one of your favorite fanfic authors would write a fanfic tailor-written for you. (None of the money was going to the fanfic authors, obviously, as that would be all kinds of illegal.) I bring this up because the winning donation for my fics also are getting fandom knits, from me, as a thank you to donating to a cause near and dear to me.

Stuff is also leaning towards fandom-ness over on Ravelry for me at the moment. I'm participating in the very first Harry Potter Knitting/Crocheting House Cup (Go Gryffindor!) AND in the The End swap over at the fantastic Twilight Saga Fans group, a fantastic swap designed to comfort each other now that Breaking Dawn is over and done. Something we'll all be needing that much more now that Midnight Sun has been put on indefinite hiatus. I'm one of the few who hasn't read the leaked manuscript as of yet—I still haven't read the first chapter Meyer posted on her website ages ago! I'm behind on the times....

But the point is, I got my swap partner info yesterday and I'm EXCITED! My recipient person seems very fun, and I can't wait to spoil her a bit! I haven't done a swap in a looong time, because I was badly matched up in my first one and have been hesitant since, but this one should be a lot of fun!

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