New Look!

Well there we are!

If you've been clicking on this link and things have been looking a little off, apologies! As you can see, I've been revamping the whole blog. This is mainly because I put a new banner on my Etsy shop and I wanted to polish up the blog to make it match.

I love this layout. It's been a bit insane to work with, and still isn't entirely perfect, but other than the fact that my miniEtsy's stick out a bit, I do really like it.

Also, it comes with built-in adspace! So tomorrow, when I'm not so tired of looking at the computer, I'll figure out just what I want to do with that adspace - I'm considering doing a contest for it like Dip Your Toes is doing - at least for the first month. Interesting prospect, one I may not have thought of myself...

Many thanks to the gals on the Etsy forums who provided me with feedback and encouragement about the blog!

And now I really do have to get away from this computer screen. Goodnight, all!

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