Quick fiber projects update!

In the hectic world that is my life at the moment, crafting has been an escape to simplicity for me. So don't be expecting cables and lace here, darlings.

What's on my spindles:

The orange is merino, my first time spinning straight merino, and I'm loving it! Have to work this one off of the spindle so that I can get to the other half! The grey/beige is... well I'm not entirely sure what it is. A stickier stuff, part of a package RAK'ed to me by myrtili over at Ravelry. It makes for a very interesting yarn, and I'm finding that if I spin it, I sort of fall in love, no matter what it is - unless it makes my hands itch, which thankfully hasn't happened with anything yet!

I can't tell you how happy I am to know that I'm not flat-out allergic to all wool, just one or two little kinds. Lamb's Pride, for example. Definitely allergic to that one, unfortunately.

On the needles, I'm continuing on with my sock-yarn clap. Two skeins of Heritage Sock and I love it to bits.

Maybe I should have gone with something a little more neutral-ish, but this picture doesn't really do justice to the colors in this yarn, pinks and pinks, and a few peaches and a bright orange, and even a deep, nearly purplish maroon. I'm onto my second skein and haven't gotten sick of the yarn yet, so boo-yah! This project is perfect for any downtime - reading, watching TV or a movie, whatever. And, since the Clap is such a simple pattern, it's something I can easily pick up for a few stitches, then throw to the side if necessary. Because you'd better believe life has been cutting into my crafting time lately.

Speaking of... have to go get some stuff done! Happy Tuesday, all.

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